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Page history last edited by Greg Jaski Hc 10 11 years, 2 months ago


 6. Closing, 29 April - 5 May 2013

Week 10

Complete evaluation forms and post goodbye message to the wiki sites. Official closing of the Learning Circles by the goodbye message of facilitator.Students and Teachers Survey


Goodbye Messages hc1, Angus Morrison Elementary School, Canada








Goodbye Messages hc3, Lorentz Lyceum, Netherlands


All the questions of the schools weren’t tough. Some were hard to understand because the words were different. All the questions were about the conflicts between people or countries. We also did questions about religion because religion is a big part in the conflicts. We did research for all the questions and we found it very educational. Everything was findable on the internet. Some things about religion were to found by people, because they see that kind of conflicts in their life.

I think all the schools did some good research because they have founded some good information about their topic. The 5th school hasn’t found much information. The second  school and the 4th school hasn’t founded any information. They also wrote down where they have found the information.  They said also their opinion about it. I think all the summaries were good and tell the definition of the word like, globalization.  This project was very educational.  

I think you guys did a great job on making the summary since it looked like a pretty hard task. We found it really hard to make a summary because the answers we got were so detailed. I also think we learned a lot from the results that you gave us.


Thanks for working with us and we wish all the best at school


M3A Lorentz Lyceum






Goodbye Messages hc4, Tabor Scholengemeenschap / locatie Werenfridus, Netherlands







Goodbye Messages hc5, Wolfert Lyceum, Netherlands


We all have enjoyed working together in this Learning Circle. It was a nice opportunity for us to get an idea on how students in other countries think about certain problems. We did find it hard to come up with good answers to some of the question that were asked as we sometimes were not sure how they were meant exactly, but we tried to do our best. Sometimes the English was a bit of a problem for us and we did need our teacher to help us with the translation and to explain it to us. We liked the discussions we had when trying to answer some of the questions and some looked more or less the same to us. We also liked our discussions when making a summary of the answers to our own question.

It was too bad that the school from Lebanon couldn't participate anymore and we hope that all is well with them. It does remind us of how lucky we are to live in a safe and rich country.

Tomorrow our queen Beatrice will abdicate and therefore we will end this learning circle we a picture of our new king Willem Alexander and our flag. It is also the reason our goodbye is in Orange!





All the best to all of you and maybe we will meet again in another Learning Circle or in real life!



Upon request, here a picture made during the Crowning of our new King on April 30, 2013, where he and the new Queen Maxima and their children have climbed the stage to meet Armin van Buuren, who had composed a song especially for this occasion!


Goodbye Messages hc6, Pedagogicla Liceum, Ukraine

Dear all,

we're happy to participate in this Learning Circle. We learned a lot from it and will use this experience in everyday life.

Hope to meet you in the next Learning Circles.




Goodbye Messages hc7, Lorentz Lyceum, Netherlands





Goodbye Messages hc8, COLEGIUL ECONOMIC BUZAU, Romania, teacher Popa Mariana


Hey !


We're happy to write to you again, guys. We're Hc8 from Colegiul Economic Buzau, Romania. Our group is formed of: Alina Martinov, Valentina Cristea, Cristi Podosu, Mihai Stefan, Bogdan Vladescu, George Drenea, Andrei Scintee, Andrei Balan, Bianca Stoian and Marius Sfintes.

We have participated at this project before and we're happy to do it again and again, because we learnt very interesting things about human dreams, religions, conflicts and life in general.

We hope you also learnt new things from us, because we love to help people and make them smile.

It is very nice to get friends from the entire world and communicate with them in many ways, learning new things and seeing many different opinions from many ways of thinking and notice what's on many people's minds.

We hope you enjoy being part of this international project, because we love working and communicating with you, asking questions and getting answers from many different views.

We're happy to be important and be part of this project. We're looking forward to participating again and we know we're going to enjoy it a lot. Talk soon !


                        Hugs and kisses,

                   your friends from Romania


Hello ! 

It is nice to be at the end of another GTP year and to have this feeling of satisfaction that the students have learnt new things in an enjoyable way, they have also practised communicating in English, which is very important for them.

The topic they had was also more challenging for them and they really learnt things they didn't know before. So the activities were worth the effort. I hope to work together next year, too.

Have a Happy Easter !

        Best wishes

        Maria Popa             









Student’s letter


            Dear friends,


   We have enjoyed being involved in this project. As always, we have learned new and exciting things, this time about Humanity and Conflict Resolution.

    This project taught us what is a good organization and accountability and strengthened the relationship between colleague-colleague and student-teacher.

     We wish you an enjoyable holiday and we look forward to a new year in GTP.


                   Best wishes,





Teacher’s letter




   The GTP project gave my students the chance to work together. We all had a good time within my class, working together in order to come up with good answers.

    The questions and answers were interesting and the theme Humanity and Conflict Resolution made us know problems in other countries.

    I hope everybody will have a relaxing holiday.


                        Best wishes,

                                 Doina Sandu




Goodbye Messages hc10, Sutton Public School, Canada


Dear G.T.P. participants,                                                    Tuesday May 14, 2013


            Hello! During the last months we have been participating in the G.T.P. we were to ask a question to all the schools and answer a question from each of the schools. After that we got an answer back from each school, and we were to stubby then and write a summary of all the answers.


          The majority of the schools replied with fairly good answers, and a lot of them had the same concepts on the answer to our question. Over all I think most of the schools did extremely well in the G.T.P.


          The G.T.P. was fun, but time consuming and required a lot of work. I am glad our school had the opportunity to participate, and take away a great experience.


          Thank you to everyone for the great questions, answers, and summaries, and I hope everyone had a great time participating as I did.


          Sincerely, Bobbi (Sutton Public School, Canada, Hc10)



Over the past months we have been participating in the GTP program and I have had a blast, but sadly it is coming to an end. We asked a question and most of you guys gave a superb answer. You guys also asked some questions and we answered as well. I was intrigued by the questions we got and I have found that you are all super smart. I will miss you guys and I had a good time. Thanks for everything.



From: Damien



Dear global teenager project friends,                                                               May 14, 2013


I had a lot of fun working on the GTP and learning about other schools and telling them about us. I think that every body did really well and tried their best. The GTP was fun but challenging. Personally I think that some schools had problems answering the questions (including us). All in all I had fun and I think my whole class did too.


Sincerely, Claire.



Closing letter                                                                                        May 16, 2013


It was great working with you on this learning circle. It is too bad that it is over already. I really enjoyed reading you questions, answers, summaries, and closings. And, hc2, if you are reading this, I am sorry that you had to drop out of this learning circle [as I was interested to learn about your perspective]. Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome learning circle, and I hope to see you in future learning circles.



I wish you the best






Comments (3)

Bob Hofman said

at 7:59 pm on May 16, 2013

Thank you Mr. Greg and students from Sutton, for your thank you and goodbye messages.
We hope you have enjoyed the Circle work... and yes we do face challenges... yet challenges we face to grow, learn and over come.
That's where we stand for in GTP, thank you so much for your time and efforts, greetings from Holland, Bob

Bob Hofman said

at 10:34 am on May 4, 2013

Thanks Romania for your thank you and goodbye words.... and thanks Frans for sharing the WA/AvB picture, that stage visit was so not planned, yet well received :-)
We hope that after May break week, the remaining posting will follow soon :-)

Bob Hofman said

at 2:07 pm on Apr 29, 2013

Ha ha, love the orange goodbye words Frans. So inline with these Royal days....
BTW.. don't you think the new KING to be should be smiling :-) Have a super May break vacation!!
BW, Bob

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