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Page with question from hc2 and space to add your answers

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hc2, Ahliah School, Lebanon, Question:

How did the light speed communications change your view of other religions, cultures and values? 


Answer from hc1

The speed in which communication is relayed today is very significant to how quickly [people see, judge and react to religion, culture and conflict in the world today.


We think this because of how easily accessible information is on the internet.  An example that we thought of was the "KONY 2012" Campaign.  The issues of child soldiers in Africa have been sever for decades now however when the filmmakers posted a video on-line, people immediately reacted emotionally to it.  the video went viral in less then 24hrs with over 3 million views!! Suddenly a dead issue was alive in the global internet world. 


The speed in which info is relayed today is super sonic!  We think this is both a good and bad thing.  We think it is great that important world issues can be seen by more people to create a movement.  However we worry if people are getting ALL the right information to accurately make informed and genuine decisions or opinions on these issues.






Answer from hc3


How significant is the impact of the speed of communication on the way you view other religions, cultures and values?


Our Answer:

we think through everything so quickly that we know that we are there for us to adjust. For example, there is a new trend in the U.S. then that very soon also in the Netherlands. it fits our culture does because, we are going to change because others do it too, we have a kind of herd animals


Skin Tightening is a fast growing trend all over the world. everyone would now no longer be so old they let everything tighten this happens increasingly


Apple is a good example, if a new iPhone comes out that is immediately over the world known, because nowadays everybody with his phone walking down the street and you cannot leave your phone, communication is now way harder.


Source 1 - Izhaan en Mats

Source 2 -http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/skin-tightening

Source 3 – www.Apple.com






Answer from hc4






Answer from hc5


We think that the speed of communication is really important, because if you communicate fast the misunderstandings that cause war can be solved fast enough to prevent the fight between different religions. Also if you communicate fast the whole world will know about the problems, en together we can try to fix it.







Answer from hc6






Answer from hc7


How significant is the impact of the speed of communication on the way you view other religions, cultures and values?





Religion is a topic where many people can have different opinions about. Of course do people talk a lot of this topic on the internet.


You have several blogs on the internet where people express their views. Here they make a lot of discussions about what would or would not add up to the Bible.


If there where no blogs on the internet that are going about religion, do people only think strange about each other. It's not just about religions on all the blogs. They are talking about things like that its strange that we are the only one in the universe.


Here is an example.

Maria: it's just like the kindergarten game run I think the Bible is written in truth ever but over the years, more and more  being philosophy and twisted I think. (http://forum.nlhiphop.nl/topic/8879/1)


Also on television  is widely talked about religion. Like in comedy stand ups (Hans Teeuwen).



Conclusie:  A lot of people are using the internet to get a conversation with other people to discuses there feelings about religions. They use programs with forums so they get easy connection to each other.   









Answer from hc8


Communication is an element essential for human existence, a fundamental feature which helps in the proper functioning of a group, company, community. The society in which we live forces us to communicate. We live in a world in which diversity, volume, speed and freedom of movement of information is the basic indicators of the State of development of a society.


Throughout history, man has used different forms of communication, from communicating through signs and reaching out to remote communication through advanced technology. It seeks to convey the information, ideas, judgments about science, politics, education, art, religion in real time. Thus, incurred a paradox because this form of communication may be beneficial to man-that is up to date with the most important events, but can also be harmful because it can be used to manipulate, to give the individual an opinion already formed.


Therefore, we can say that the Internet, television and mobile telephony have changed the life of the individual and his perception of the world and its values.



Answer from hc9



         From my point of view, increasing the speed of communication is important because we can easily socialize with other people of other religious or cultures.

      Communication has an impact on all those with whom we communicate so it's very important for a guaranteed success.

      Let's take for example the internet. It offers us information at a very high speed and we can learn a lot about other religious and cultures. Moreover, in terms of news, it is important how fast people get it so that they can react or respond to it. When something happens, when a religious or cultural event takes place, it is essential that people find out about it fast so that they can participate if they want to. In fact the success of the event will depend on that.

     In conclusion, comunication is a basic element for all the people because we can go to the highest heights of knowledge.






Answer from hc10


The impact of the speed of communications is very significant, because with the internet we can research and reinforce our opinions on religions, cultures, etc.

          For example, before light speed communications came about, news conspiracies could be created where news reporters don’t tell people all of the information or they stretch the truth.  But, with light speed communications and the internet we can research for the truth behind these stories. Also, people used to base their opinions on other people on what they were told, meaning that now it is possible to gather a larger scope of information, giving people more reason for their opinions.

          Light speed communications have allowed us as a world to come to conclusions with more evidence than we would have had in the past.

By: Aidan, Rigel, and Mathew







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