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1. Preparation, 11 - 17 February 2013

Week 0

Accepting invitation from wiki group and posting test messages. Introduction workshop, teachers prepare their students for participation in the Learning Circle. Discussion of responsibilities, skills, knowledge, awareness. Sorting things with GTP Country Coordinator, with the help of the facilitator.


Dear participants,


Please use the space beneath this message to post your test messages. You can find your classcode on the

Participating Schools page


Kindly use your classcodes to enable us to recognize your class. Posting your test messages means that your wiki accounts has been created and your class is ready for the start of the Wiki Learning Circle.


Before posting your test message, click on "Edit" menu above.

After posting your message, remember to click on "save" before exiting the page.


Hoping to reading your  test messages,

Natasha Cherednichenko


Test message:

Angus Morrison Elementary School

Hello Everyone!  Angus Morrison Elementary School is very excited for the opportunity to learn along side of all of you.  Looking forward to the collaborative process.


Test message:
hc2, Ahliah School, Lebanon

Well hello to all. We have been asked to post a test message, it's like checking for a heart beat. Tab tab tab is this thing alive?

Test message:

hc3, Lorentz Lyceum, Netherlands


Hello everyone.

I hope we will have a great time and learn a lot. Looking forward to your comments.

Miss E van Merkerk


Test message:
hc4, Tabor Scholengemeenschap / locatie Werenfridus, Netherlands

Hello everyone. We`ve finally have been able to join you. Due to some computerproblems we couldn`t enter the Wiki but luckily all problems are solved. We`re looking forward to sharing questions, answers and ideas with all of you. Of course we`re running behind but we`ll try to catch up with you a.s.a.p.


Best regards, class H3X

Test message:

hc5, Wolfert Lyceum, Netherlands


Hi, from the Wolfert Lyceum.

Me and my students are excited and looking forward to working together with all of you in this Learning Circle.

We are so excited that we are already discussing how to introduce ourselves!


Test message:
hc6, Pedagogicla Liceum, Ukraine

Hi all. We are very happy to participate in this Learning Circle


Test message:

hc7, Lorentz Lyceum, Netherlands

Dear participants, This is de test massage from hc7. Houston, we're online and we don't seem to have any problems.

Stefan van den Hoff

Lorentz Lyceum, Arnhem


Test message:
hc8, COLEGIUL ECONOMIC BUZAU, Romania, teacher Popa Mariana
This is our test message.

HC 8


Test message:


This is our test esage.

HC 9


Test message:
hc10, Sutton Public School, Canada
Hc 10- Sutton Public School, Canada
Hello Everyone, Greetings from sunny and frigid Canada. It was minus 21 degrees Celsius (-31 with wind chill) this morning. My class and I are looking forward to connecting with all of you.
Sincerely, Greg Jaski (teacher)




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