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Critical Thinking Webinars

Page history last edited by Bob Hofman 11 years, 3 months ago

Cirtical Thinking and Webinars.

As follow up on the September 2012 UBOD learning Circle webinars we are initiating a webinar series to support you in the various stages of the GTP process.

The 4 webinars will be facilitated by Mr. Garfield Gini-Newman, senior Lecture at OISE - the University of Toronto.

This is a result of a partnership we have for the GTP and  OISE to continue research on the project.

Each webinar will focus on some of the skills and knowledge you will need to teach your students at each phase to help them with the inquiry process.

All webinars will be webcasted, and made available to you in the wiki on this page; all GTP Country Coordinators ar invited to join in :-)

Overview Webinars












Introduction phase  
Monday 25-02-2013 Critical Thinking Webinar 1 Introducing Critical Thinking and framing questions Online 
Questions phase 
Critical Thinking Webinar 2 Framing powerful inquiry
Summary phase         



Critical Thinking Webinar 3 Criteria to support critical inquiry   Online
Closing phase        
Week of xx-xx-2013 Critical Thinking Webinar 4 Sharing learning   Online
Closing phase        



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